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The Case of Africa and the Myth of “Colonial Context“

illustrated in black & white and colour, 188 p.
Munich 2020

The present restitution tenor, the former cult objects of Africa – figures, masks and „fetishes“ – which are in museums or private collections, were allegedly all looted, disproves Schaedler in an impressive way and also leads the fairy tale of the „colonial context“ ad absurdum. In addition, a lot of space is given to the so-called looted art and the practice of acquisitions throughout history. In addition, the author devotes a great deal of attention to the colonial wars of Benin, Dahomey, and Southwest Africa, objectively illuminating the problem of the repeatedly claimed genocide in Southwest Africa, as well as the murderous war in Biafra, almost forgotten by the public, and its consequences for its art. In addition, the subject of colonialism is presented from a historical and anthropological perspective in order to avoid the merging of two very different facts. In addition to an introduction to African art and its market in the past and present, the author devotes further sections to provenance research, the significance of Christian and Islamic missionary activity for African art, the idea of guilt and the demand for „negative equal treatment“ as well as the problem of „national cultural assets“. Several illustrations in black and white and colour as well as a detailed bibliography complete the documentation.

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